Trash / Recycling Service

Weekly & Bi-weekly Pickup is on Tuesdays
Place your barrels at your curb by 7:30 a.m.

Trash pickup (green barrel) is scheduled weekly on Tuesdays.

Recycling pickup (blue barrel) is every other week (bi-weekly) on Tuesday.

The barrel containers should be placed on the street in front of the curb with the metal bar facing out.  Barrels should be placed 2-3 feet apart from each other and from other objects so the rubbish truck can access the barrel with its automated arm.  Please keep your barrels covered so animals will not disturb the contents.

Rules state barrels shall be placed outside no sooner than the evening before pickup (Monday eve), and returned to garages no later than the evening of pickup (Tuesday eve).  Trash collection may begin as early as 7:30 in the morning.

Please Note: 
A major Monday or Tuesday legal holiday will usually delay collection by one day - to Wednesday - for that week.  Monday holidays include Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Also if Independence Day or Christmas Day falls on a Monday or Tuesday then trash pickup will be on Wednesday for that week.  Presidents Day does NOT affect the pickup schedule.

All trash and recyclables must fit inside your barrels.  (There is an exception for recycling cardboard boxes, which must be flattened but can be placed next to the blue recycling barrel if they do not fit inside it.)  For a fee, residents may call the rubbish company to arrange larger pickups.  

Basic trash service is provided by the Association, which include one green barrel (trash) and one blue barrel (recycling).  
You may contact the EJ Harrison to order additional barrels for a separate fee, charged to you by the rubbish company.  (See the 'Area Services' section to contact the rubbish company.)

Hazardous waste must not be placed in the trash or recycling barrels.  (No oil, paint, tires, batteries, flammable liquids, etc.)  There are local hazardous waste collection sites for these materials.

Electronic waste is also not to be placed into trash or recycling barrels.  (No televisions, monitors, computers, cell phones, etc.)  There are local e-waste collection sites for these materials.

Acceptable Recyclable Materials (for the blue barrels) are:

Glass bottles (remove lids)
Newspapers & inserts
Aluminum (foil & cans)
Magazines & phone books
Metal cans & scrap metal
Office paper & junk mail
Plastic containers (#1 thru #8)
Cardboard (cereal, egg, etc)
Athletic shoes
Cardboard boxes (flattened)

Remember:  REDUCE *  RECYCLE  *  RE-USE (donate)