Pool & Spa

There are two pool enclosures in the Parkside complex.  One mainly serves residents of the western Phases I - IV and is located off Shakespeare Way and Thoreau Lane, the other serves the eastern Phases V - VI and is located near Doyle Lane.  There is also a spa in the vicinity of each pool.

Each Association member is provided with one pool key which will work with either pool gate enclosure.  The pool key also gives you access to the restrooms.  Keep your pool key with you while using the pool areas.  Do not open gates to let people you don't know into the pool areas.  Only residents and their guests are allowed to use the pools.  There is a fee to replace a pool key.  Contact the management company if you lose a key to see if it has been turned in.  Also please call the management company if you find a lost key.  The manager can issue replacement keys after fees are paid.

Some important rules to remember for pool/spa use:

  • No smoking is allowed anywhere in the pool enclosures
  • No eating or drinking while in the spa or pool water
  • Children must be attended by adults at all times
  • Children must be toilet-trained before using pool/spa
  • Guests of residents must be accompanied by their host while using the pool
  • No lifeguard is present - use at your own risk - and be careful
  • The safety equipment and life buoys are not toys - they are for emergency use only
  • Make sure the gates are fully closed when you leave - Don't let a child drown!
  • Do not turn off the pump emergency switches unless really necessary
  • Use a towel when using sunscreen to avoid making furniture and decks dangerously slippery
  • No pets! Animals are not allowed in the pool enclosures (except handicap assist dogs)

BBQs:  There are gas barbecues inside the pool area in Phases I-II.   Do NOT add coal or wood to the BBQs, they use a permanent ceramic coal.  Be sure to turn the gas valves off when done.  Proper cleanup is required when using these facilities.