Garage Sales

Please Notice: The next garage sale will be held sometime in the fall. As we approach the season we will update this page.
Please be aware, the rules state individual garage sales are NOT allowed at Parkside! However, there is usually a complex-wide Community Garage Sale held each year.

The Association advertises the event and all residents are welcome to open their garages and join in on the sale.  This is a great way to get rid of unwanted items and free your garage space for its intended use -- parking of your vehicles. 

Large Trash Bins

Following the Parkside garage sale weekend, a number of large empty trash bins (roll-off garbage dumpsters) may be delivered by the rubbish company, and if so usually on Monday.  The bins are placed on selected streets within the complex.

Residents may dispose of larger trash items during this time (Monday & Tuesday) without incurring an additional charge.  The filled bins are then picked up a few days later during the week (usually on Wednesday) by the rubbish company.


place any additional items into FULL bins!
DO NOT place any items OUTSIDE of the bins!  (Items outside bins will not be picked up.)
DO NOT place any ILLEGAL items into the bins!  (No hazardous materials such as oil, TVs, etc.)
DO NOT place any SHARP items or glass into the bins!  (These can injure someone.)

Avoid placing empty cardboard boxes into the bins because they waste valuable space.  Instead flatten any empty boxes and place them into or next to your own recycle barrel.  If you must place empty boxes into the large bins please flatten the boxes first.

Your regular trash and recycling items should be placed in your own trash and recycling barrels -- please do not use the large bins for these purposes.  The bins are for large items or large quantities of items that would not fit into your own barrel.

And please consider letting someone else have a chance to reuse your reusable items.  Reusable and/or resaleable items can and should be donated to local thrift stores or charities to avoid filling our garbage dumps.