Board Meetings

All homeowners are welcome!!!

Meetings dates change as new Board members are elected.
For 2021 the third Wednesday of the month is the most convenient date
for current Board and RMP Services.

Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.

April is the Annual Meeting and is held in place of the monthly meeting.

The Homeowners Forum begins at 6:30 p.m. 
(This is where homeowners can discuss their concerns)

Meeting Location:
RMP Services  (the Management Company)
5550 Telegraph Road, Suite C1
Ventura CA 93003
(Located just east of the post office)

2021 Annual Meeting Notice
Specifics will be announced as
we approach April 2021.

Please note:

During the calendar year, there are two months, 
when a monthly meeting is not held.
These months are decided by the Board and Management
during the calendar year.
See the Parkside Calendar for specific months.

The Annual Meeting is held in April in place of a Board meeting.
The actual meeting schedule is subject to change.
The meeting location is also subject to change.
Meetings may need to be canceled, due to a lack of quorum.
Check for meeting notification postings on the mailboxes.

For more information, call the management company

The Parkside Board of Directors meets throughout the year to conduct business for the association.  
(Non-owner residents are generally also able to attend with their owner.)  Your comments, questions, and concerns may be discussed at the meeting during an Open Forum for homeowners.

Before attending a meeting, you may want to check for any last-minute changes.  The meeting time & location is posted within the complex on the mailboxes and noted on the website.  Call the management company for updated or additional meeting information.