Area Utilities

This information should be especially helpful to newly arriving or departing residents.

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  • Telephone service:  AT&T  800-288-2020
  • Television (cable) service:  Spectrum  888-892-2253
  • Internet (broadband) service:  See 'Telephone' (for DSL) -or- 'Cable' services
  • Internet (satellite) service:  Viasat  1-888-746-8960
  • Soft water (exchange tank) service:  Culligan (805) 656-4411 -or- Rayne (805) 658-1985


New Area Code for 805 Region

On June 2, 2018 a new dialing procedure will become mandatory,
for all residential and business customers. 
The new area code that will be added to the 805 region, is 820.

Area code 820 also serves small portions of Monterey and Kern Counties
and most of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties.


Utility Shut Off 

Residents should be aware of the utility shut offs in case of emergencies.


Gas Meters ◆ Electric Meters ◆ Water Meter & Shut Off


The locations and correct ways to shut off your utilities
in case of an emergency, including using the proper tool.

Also, find out what part of a utility is the responsibility of: 
the owner, association, or utility company.

If you are interested in participating in a demonstration, please email the 
management company with your name, address and phone number.